About Your Coach


Has stress ever derailed your life?  I know just how you feel.

For many years I wasn’t very good at dealing with life’s challenges and stresses. Raising kids, keeping love alive in a long term marriage and running a direct sales business kept me busy and caring for everyone but myself. Then I migrated cross country every 6 weeks for 2 years caring for my parents, who were in their 90’s. Many years of overeating and drinking too much had taken their toll. Despite hearing things like “Put your oxygen mask on first.” I had no idea how to truly care for myself. 

So I numbed my way through life until it got harder and harder to even get through the days. I sought help at a residential rehab where I learned how not to drink while I was there. I didn’t learn a thing about how to deal with life at home. (Well, maybe a little.) At any rate it was a matter of months before I was back to daily drinking. I thought I was broken and weak and the shame of my problem brought a lot of emotional pain. When I invariably started drinking again, I didn’t go back to treatment or meetings. Shame was a very lonely way to live. 

After years of attempting to “moderate” I found a different approach grounded in self-love and forgiveness. I learned what alcohol did in my body and brain and dug into my beliefs about how I thought it was helping me cope. When I did drink or have sugar, I learned to be curious about my feelings and triggers instead of feeling shame and blaming myself. Gradually I was able to choose healthier options naturally and over time, came to a place where I can be around alcohol without wanting it. The feeling of freedom is hard to describe after so many years of struggling. I'd love to share how this could impact your life! 

I’m 50 pounds lighter and am able to live intentionally and joyfully pay the gift of alcohol freedom forward.

I would love to chat and hear your story! 

Laura’s coaching helped me grow in self-love and become free of dependence on alcohol. I'm not an alcoholic - and I never was one. Her communication was open and she was always understanding of my emotions and feelings. I was able to release negative energy and build positive healthy habits. She's been down the path of depending on alcohol and that understanding made the process work. I’m feeling and looking better and able to make sound judgments with a clear mind. I love being present for my children - they’re the most important thing in my life.